A little about me…

I recently graduated with my bachelor’s degree in English/writing (as I’ve mentioned before) and for my 23rd birthday this year my mom bought me this Great Gatsby sweater from Out of Print Clothing. Not only did it make me feel really good knowing that buying this sweater was also giving a book to a child in need, but every time someone comments on this sweater I get to make a new friend! People are really excited and like to talk about the book with me (they like to tell me about their favorite characters most of the time.) Or they ask me about the book — what it’s about and if it’s my favorite book. Either way it’s a conversation starter … and conversations about books? I’ll take ‘em! If I could just get one person interested in reading it’s been a successful day. ;) I also imagine if I ever become an English teacher I’ll wear this sweater to class on special occasions. 

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